95 Proof | Age: Rested | Barrel: Neutral Vessel 

We marry classic gin spices with New World and tropical inspired cinnamon, grapefruit, allspice, clove, nutmeg, Key limes, pineapple, lime leaves, Meyer lemon, tangerine, and beyond. We top it off by hanging a pineapple in the still for final distillation to create the unique aromas of our gin.

These tropical flavors are right at home in our 100% sugar cane molasses spirit which is made
from scratch. It is infused with juniper, freshly ground spices, and hand-zested citrus from the
height of winter citrus season to ensure the rich oils are present. We steep these ingredients for two nights and one day to allow the intense aromas of the herbs to infuse without over-
extracting undesirable bitter flavors. We then redistill this spirit for a third time, marrying a hint of our rum’s character with the classic aromas and flavors of gin. We ripen the gin for 3 monthsin a stainless steel tank to allow further flavor development.

Privateer 2020 Single Batch Tiki Inspired Gin