The Forgotten Casks of Chairman’s Reserve is an extra aged sipping rum crafted to mimic rum found in the original forgotten casks of Chairman’s Reserve, whichwere preserved from St. Lucia Distillers horrific fire

on May 2, 2007. The cellar master was forced to find appropriate however unusual storage space for his rum barrels during the rehabilitation of the distillery, and these casks were barrels misplaced during this time of confusion. These forgotten casks gave him rum too old for the original Chairman’s Reserve blend, so

it was decided this rum would be released on its own, as an extra aged Chairman’s Reserve to worldwide acclaim. St. Lucia Distillers continues to hold back select Chairman’s Reserve for extra aging to offer a limited release of the Chairman’s Forgotten Casks.


A blend of Coffey and pot stills


Aged separately by batch and by type of still in ex- Bourbon barrels, then blended and rested in oak vats for an additional six months to finish.


A blend of rums aged between six and eleven years.


Rich, dark, gold mahogany color with an intense nose of sweet raisins, cigar tobacco, amber honey and vanilla.
A warm palate offers grilled tropical fruit and candied walnuts rounded with soft spices that persist throughout a long wonderful finish.

Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks 750ml